Forex Expert Advisor MT4 [Reviews]

Forex expert advisor MT4 is an expert advisor that was created for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The forex robot is based on Elliot Waves, scalping and includes extra filters such as Stochastic and RSI. The forex EA can be run using all symbols and with all timeframes. It will combine Elliot waves, Scalping, RSI, and Stochastic to find trends and scalp them.

You can run this Forex Expert Advisor MT4 on several charts and forex market symbols. Attempt using a different Robots Magic-Number input for each MetaTrader chart. If you attach the forex EA to various charts, raise the lot setting to decrease your risk.

Forex Expert Advisor MT4 Reviews
Forex Expert Advisor MT4 Reviews

Smart Forex Expert Advisor MT4 works on Hedge accounts.

There are lots of parameters and settings ready; some of these include time frames, trade types when to stop trading, minimum gap to new trade, EA magic numbers, averaging volume multiplier, take profits, averaging distance, stop losses, trailing stops, news filter, break-even settings, and more.

Forex Expert Advisor MT4 Service Cost

The expert advisor will cost you more than $100 to purchase it outright, giving you five activations. You can also lease the forex expert advisor; this will cost you approximately $40 per month or the three months will cost you $120.

Is There a 100% Winning Forex expert advisor MT4 in Forex?

The quick answer to this puzzle is, no; there is no 100% winning Forex expert advisor MT4 strategy. The only method that you can avoid losing is not to forex trade at all. It is an excellent thing that there isn’t a 100% winning forex system as if there was, there would be no forex trading as everybody would be going for the equal thing. It is simply unacceptable for there to be a 10% winning strategy; if there were, so trading would not be, then the fact that reading has been around for so long is a testament that you cannot win all the time.

Still, indeed some Forex expert advisor MT4 strategy is almost right anytime? No, each forex strategy has its merits and downsides, the person trading it has an effect, and more. We will be looking at why there isn’t a 100% winning strategy and why there never will be one.

Forex expert advisor MT4 strategies as a guaranteed with a 100% winning rate

You may have seen people advertising their forex strategies as a certified win or as a strategy with a 100% winning rate, but there are several different causes why this is not the case. If the forex market moved like the ocean, simply moving upward and downward in a usual manner, there reasonably would be a forex strategy that could win 100%; the problem is that this is not how the forex markets progress and work. Any strategies operate for a few days; others operate for several weeks, the others even a cycle, but at some point, the forex markets will do something unique.

Trying to get the best Forex expert advisor MT4 

If a forex trader tries to go for a 10% strategy, it will only end in trouble; the first thing that will start to disappear is your account balance or equity of your account, as forex trades start to fall into the red and you refuse to close them. The second thing that will deteriorate is your psychology, and you will start to become stressed. A forex trader may even become greedy depending on how the trading has been going. 

What is essential to understand is that as forex trader tries for this 100% win rate, you will begin to feel the stress of trading, most important thing that can be avoided by cutting losses first on, it serves to take the stress of holding as well as protecting your capital.


To sum what we have discussed, the forex markets do not provide a Forex expert advisor MT4 strategy to be a 100% winning rate. It won’t happen, things are constantly changing, and most forex strategies are set up for a single market status; you should also not leave trades in the red and close them early to protect your balance. So please don’t go there looking for the ideal forex strategy. Instead, look for several different ones that can help you trade in multiple conditions and, most importantly, expect losses.

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